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Tips to Replace Your Motorcycle Engine Gasket
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Tips to Replace Your Motorcycle Engine Gasket

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In the life of every motorcycle, there comes a time when you have to hang up your helmet and perform some maintenance to keep your machine running in top form.  Replacing worn gaskets protects your precious engine components by creating and maintaining tight seals that keep the moving parts clean.  The next time you’re faced with replacing the engine gaskets in your vintage or new bike, take along these helpful tips to help the job go smoothly:

Check the Orientation: When replacing engine gaskets, always take a moment to look at the orientation of the old gasket so the new gasket goes in correctly. Gaskets that are upside down may look correct, but are vulnerable to leaks and can cause uneven wear.

Out with the Old: Remove as much of the old gasket as you can by hand. You may find that it comes up fairly easily, but it’s better to be prepared to use a little elbow grease. Avoid using metal implements to scrape off the old gasket. Sharp tools can gauge metal mating surfaces and affect your seal.

Prepare your Surfaces: Before the new gasket is installed, mating surfaces must be clean and free of chemical residue, burrs or nicks in the metal. If a chemical gasket remover has been used, follow the manufacturer’s clean-up instructions on the label to ensure complete removal.  Mating surfaces that are damaged can be smoothed with an oil stone; severely damaged components should be replaced.

Check the Manual: The manufacturer of your motorcycle’s engine has specific recommendations for oils, sealants or additives needed to successfully install your new gaskets. Your owner’s manual is also your source for engine specifications and part numbers.

Quality Counts: As with any project, starting with the right tools and quality replacement parts puts you on the path to success.  Choose precision-crafted gaskets that are made in America from American materials for long-term durability and precise fit.

At XINSHITAI, we offer a full line of quality replacement gaskets for your vintage motorcycle.



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